Save These Chicks

Replace eggs in your cooking


Hatched, discarded and ground up!


That is the reality for any male chick unfortunate enough to be born inside the UK egg industry. Once identified as male a chicks lifespan is pitifully short. First he is discarded like so much rubbish before being ground up into animal feed. A practice that often happens whilst he is still alive.


Male chicks are killed at birth for two reasons. They can’t lay eggs and they’re not suitable for meat production because layer hens (and therefore their chicks) are a different breed of poultry to the chickens that are selectively bread for their meat.
Many people eat free range eggs because they are led to believe that is somehow a cruelty free option. It isn’t. The slaughter of male chicks happens on free range farms in the same way it does on factory farms. In reality, the only way to not be a part of this appalling cruelty is to stop eating eggs altogether.


You can find many cruelty free alternatives to eggs such as VeganEgg (an excellent scambled egg replacement) in Holland & Barrett and most other health food shops. However, if you mainly use eggs for cooking and baking, replacements are even easier to find. See our alternative shopping list for ideas... 

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